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FieldAssist Unveils its New Avatar as a Proud Partner to Great Brands!

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Rashmi Kapse

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Proud Partner To Great Brands Banner

FieldAssist Unveils its New Avatar as a Proud Partner to Great Brands!

Picture of Rashmi Kapse
Rashmi Kapse

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Proud Partner To Great Brands Banner

When you look back to the first day of your career, are you the same person today?

Nope! Today, you are the proud owner of your designation. Some of you may be even handling your own teams by now. Possibly managing a P&L responsibility too! Did you think you would grow so much in such a short span of time, taking on new skills and learning how to push your boundaries? But it happened right? Because you did the hard work and got the right opportunities and the support to do so.

In the same way, FieldAssist is not the same company it was 8 years ago. The old FieldAssist has disappeared!

We have changed!

When we started, we had a single product, a sales force automation solution that addressed maybe the top 3-4 challenges in the CPG sales supply chain. But the industry always wanted more. Since no one had heard of us, it wasn’t easy to get a foot in the door.

As Nikhil Patwari, Head of Product- Growth & Alliances puts it, “In the initial years of FieldAssist, one of the most beautiful things that happened is that it took a lot of persistence, rejections, and multiple conversations with multiple customers lasting over months to start building a strong product portfolio. That initial tough phase made sure that, to date, we work our hardest to deliver more than we promise.”

Over the years, we saw the industry evolve, we saw our CPG customers proactively adapt to the changing environment, and every few months, a customer would ask, “ Can you solve this new problem for us?”

That’s like asking a kid if he wants a new candy!! So our perpetually-charged team would dive headfirst into building new products that would solve not just current challenges, but also had the scalability to address future requirements as well. With every new innovation, FieldAssist grew its orbit wider and wider, offering a whole spectrum of solutions that address virtually all the stakeholders within the CPG ecosystem.

Nikhil Aggarwal, Product Head at FieldAssist adds, “ As someone who has had stints in product, customer success as well as sales etc, I have had the vantage point of seeing our customers’ transformation journey from really close quarters. Their courage to keep fighting complexities motivated us to keep simplifying those complexities.”

Today, with more than 550+ brand partnerships across the globe, we can look back with pride at the blood, sweat and tears that have gone on to be where we are today.

Chitransh Jain, Head of Customer Success quips in, “From 10 people in the company to 170+ employees, FieldAssist has been hiring the best talent in the industry, all of whom are dedicated to making sure that our customers have the best ammunition in their arsenal to delight their customers every day. That is why customers choose us rather than the competition. Because we listen. We commit. And we deliver.”

FieldAssist: Proud Partner to Great Brands

We’ve been watching closely how the whole CPG ecosystem in all emerging economies including India is going through accelerated change. The fight for shelf space has aggravated to such an extent that hundreds of new brands are vying for a share of the customer’s finite pocket.

But what makes a GREAT BRAND great??

Let me put things in perspective.

It is not about becoming a great brand alone; anyone can be a great brand, it can be a start-up, MNC, family traditional business, or SME. But a great brand should have the 4 following things to become great – It conquers complex challenges, it Innovates fearlessly, it builds new trends, and it delights customers relentlessly.

But what helps these Great Brands STAY great brands?
In today’s times, having a good technology system is definitely needed, but considering the constantly evolving marketplace, they need something more than a good technology system.

Brands need a PARTNER

Who understands the industry & not just the technology.

Who is highly trusted by their teams and

Who innovates itself to help them to achieve their ambitions.

Someone just like us.

FieldAssist is proud to be that partner for its customers. As a Proud Partner to Great Brands, FieldAssist is transforming its customers into well-renowned, highly respected, valued brands while making the CPG industry an insights-driven powerhouse.

Proud partner to great brands event

Khushboo Dahiya, Marketing Head of FieldAssist further explains, “The Proud Partner to Great Brands campaign was conceptualized to showcase the strength of our brand partnerships as well as to celebrate the contribution of these great brands to our own growth and evolution. To that end, we are creating multiple content streams under this campaign – video interviews, podcasts, press releases, webinars etc –to create a galaxy of success stories of Great Brands.”

Varun Pandey, the Technology Lead says, “We wanted to present a consistent line of communication that represents our core identity very clearly. The ‘Proud Partner to Great Brands’ slogan captures that beautifully.”

Divir Tiwari, Co-founder and Sales Head further adds, “This campaign is not a one-off branding exercise, rather it sets the course for the future where FieldAssist is going to be counted amongst the biggest and the boldest in B2B SaaS for the CPG industry. We are looking at global horizons, we are looking to get ahead of global competitors and we are looking to make FieldAssist an unforgettable Indian success story.”

Watch this space closely as FieldAssist gets ready to release its first video interview this week under the ‘Proud Partner to Great Brands campaign’ with the CEO of a renowned FMCG company! Stay Tune…

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