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Instant Claims settlement.
Auto replenishment of stock.
One-click invoicing.
by AI-powered FieldAssets DMS.
Spend less time gathering data
from distributors, and more time
generating profits.
Let FieldAssist DMS do the heavy lifting.
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Are your Channel Partners your biggest Brand Ambassadors?

You may be offering attractive promotions to your distributors but if they have a painful experience with your brand, they will never become your biggest fans.

Now strengthen distributor relationships with faster resolution on claims and improve the efficiency of your primary & secondary distribution channels. With our distributor management system.

Distributor Management Software
Worth of claims settled monthly
0 Cr+
Deployments every month
0 +
Invoices processed daily
0 million+


One Stop Future Ready Platform for ALL needs of your Distributor

Seamless inventory management. Automatic detection of low stocks. Automatic stock replenishment. Real-time stocking and ordering data.

Get a bird’s eye view and a granular view of where your products are coming and going.

Smart predictive alerts to avoid stockout situations at partners or distributor points.

Minimize product returns, and increase financial returns. Batch-level visibility over product aging. Automatic alerts for stock nearing expiry.

Sit back and watch your inventory restock itself. AI-powered Machine Learning system that predicts future demand based on past sales patterns, and places orders in the required quantities before stocks deplete. All fully automatic - just watch your shelves re-stock without any manual intervention.

Faster Invoicing with Better Schemes and Promotions

Hassle-free delivery management and automatic scheme management. Bulk printings with loadsheets for faster deliveries. Make your own custom PDF invoice templates. Include barcodes and QR codes in invoices.

Track and manage accounting data with ease and simplicity. Generate reports and analytics based on desired criteria. Seamless integration with your accounting system. Auto reminder for pending payments.

Dedicated Trade Promotion Management module to manage promotions across platforms (SFA, DMS, Van Sales, Modern Trade and Retailer App). Manage, simulate, and configure schemes of all types with different slabs.

Fewer clicks, more results. Automated Workflows. Minimum manual work. All leading to better adoption.

Instant claims settlement

Keep cash flowing in distributors’ wallets. Faster claims settlements. A win-win for everyone, including your bank account.

Dedicated “Claim-Me” module for claims management and submission. Submit scheme, margin, DSR, or custom claims - all submitted in one click.

Genuine settlements. No chance of leakage or mismatch.

Auto posting of claims via robust integrations. Multi-level approval workflows. Automatic settlements of credit/debit notes back to distributors.

On-Ground Schemes and Execution

Easy Tax Compliance. Also automated, just like everything else

It’s all in-built and pre-configured. Never calculate anything manually again. Eliminate unnecessary paperwork.

Comply with all GST rules and invoice formats.

FieldAssist DMS can integrate with anyone, anywhere

FieldAssist DMS is specifically designed to be easily integrated and work with various other enterprise solutions.

with ERP and BI solutions, including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle BI, Tally and many more.

available for custom integrations. All FieldAssist DMS functions and modules, such as invoices, orders, credit/debit notes, can be integrated in no time.

Comprehensive sample code, API documentation, expert consulting and technical support, sandboxed environments, live logs, and much more.

purchase order management
Tax Compliances

Future-proof and Future-ready: Building tomorrow’s features, today

Diverse and custom tailored financing options available for everyone in the supply chain, from stockists to distributors to retailers

Competitive interest rates compared to other options.

Talk to people who understand your specific line of work and your unique challenges, rather than generic loan salesmen.

Instant payment via UPI or wallets.

Customize your DMS workflows without writing a single line of code.

Customize the UI fields and labels as per your needs.

Orders can be booked on WhatsApp, which is fully integrated with FieldAssist DMS. No more waiting for sales agents.

End-to-end retailer loyalty management and settlement.

Powered with Microsoft Azure and best-in-class technology.

  • Actionable insights provided with real-time integrated analytics, product movement, sales transactions, heat maps, and more.


Make Rural markets part of your digital revolution

Enable yourself to embrace the rural challenge with rural-ready DMS.

Enable rural sub-distributors to be part of your digital business transformation.

Full support for mobile platforms. Sales staff and rural distributors can update data in real time, on the go.

Plug leakages by automated inventory management via Load-out and Load-in.

Take full stock of van sales and returns.

Distributor Management System
ERP Integrations

Implementations are a breeze

Gone are days when DMS implementations took months to start and years to end. Get FieldAssist Distributor Management System up and running on your channel partner locations within six weeks.

The technology changes for you, rather than the other way round. Our unique business-first approach tailors the DMS implementation and configurations to your specific business requirements, workflows, and user mental models.

We take joint responsibility with you for DMS adoption. We stand with you all the way, not just until enabling user login IDs. Get full assistance and user training, and solutions consulting for adoption.

FieldAssist Distributor Management System and all its features are available on Android and iOS platforms

Easily migrate your data from other platforms to FieldAssist DMS

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Today, our sales meetings have become more effective. What used to take weeks has changed to a few hours of strategic conversations.

Sanjay Munshi
Vice President, Haldiram’s

About Distributor Management System

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A Distributor Management Software or DMS is a software that helps CPG brands manage and control their distributor and their activities and automate their supply chains. It also helps in invoicing, managing inventory, avoiding stockouts, obtaining real-time sales data, and much more. 

The four types of distribution management are General Trade (GT),  Modern Trade (MT), DIrect to Consumer (D2C), and E-commerce. GT is the traditional kirana stores and local shops and MT represents the supermarkets and large retailers. The newer D2C and E-commerce modes seek to benefit from the digital revolution and widespread broadband access to reach consumers directly. They are differentiated by expensive data gathering and market research. For a large FMCG company today, all four modes of distribution planning and management have their own importance and value. FieldAssist enables brands to make accurate decisions regarding their route-to-market strategy with the use of real-time statistics and birds-eye visibility over sales. 

FieldAssist is an example of a Distributor Management System that empowers FMCG brands to take control of their supply chains and distributor network. It provides real-time visibility into sales and market activity, best-in-class features, full mobile support, and integration with other solutions in the technology stack.

A typical FMCG distributor network and structure typically consists of stockists, distributors, retailers and eventually consumers. Products are shipped from factories and company warehouses to stockists (sometimes super-stockists are also involved as an intermediate layer), who then send the products to the distributors under them as per demand, who in turn send them to retailers such as supermarkets and kirana stores, from where consumers eventually purchase them.

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