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Straining to increase your width of distribution?

Expanding your outlet universe is a natural way to increase brand reach, but if you don’t have accurate data, it can become the biggest obstacle in your growth.

With our beat planner module called Beat-o-meter, optimize your coverage efficiency levels by getting algorithm-based outlet-wise suggestions.

sales territory management

Devise outlet-specific strategy with stronger Beat Plan

Identify the top outlets that cannot be ignored, others that need fulfillment, and outlets that are at risk of being inactive, for smarter sales territory management.

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sales territory management

Increase your universe of Active Outlets

View colour coded outlets in beat o meter based on the order history as never-visited outlets, dormant/soon-to-be dormant outlets, active/ inactive outlets and get a clear picture of the market.

Outlets-per-SO tracking for Mid Managers

Managers can track the status of different outlets (from active to inactive stage) under every front liner and guide them to plan their market visits.

With FA analytics app, track status of MTD visits and MTD outlet-wise sales to plan for future demand.

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“FieldAssist has been a game-changer in our growth story. With their platform we can now easily convert data into information that can help us solve real business problems by having the power of quick decision making.”

Sourav Bikash Rana

Head of Business Strategy, Coolberg

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