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Do you want to minimize costs by managing your sales expenses better?

Sales people are your warriors in the field, but delayed claim settlements can make them frustrated and demotivated.

Now simplify sales compliance with our expense management software to give your salespeople and finance teams peace of mind.

expense management software

Manual claim filing is now a thing of the past

Automate your TA & DA claims by choosing the travel date, travel type, and type of calculation on either actual billing or kilometres travelled to file claim.

Expense Management
Travel and Dearance allowance

View only eligible expenses to file claim in a single window

Designation-based expense visibility which can be directly sent for approval/rejection decision to the immediate manager .

Quick analytics, Approvals on the Go by Mid managers

Save time by viewing the expense claims right on the SFA app itself, instead of wading through emails or physical applications.

View Automated Expense Sheet that calculates DA for each SO based on the type of travel, city-grade and his designation.

Quick analytics approvals
Expense-to-Sales ratio

Expense to Sales Ratio for Mid Managers

24/7 access to Expense-to-Sales ratio gives clear visibility on how each person is performing vis a vis the expenses incurred.

Simplify sales compliance with customized expense workflows to give your sales and finance teams peace of mind.

Delight your finance team with faster expense reconciliation

Accurate, digital data on our expense management system is available to the finance team to tally claims with approvals and initiate the reconciliation process really quickly.

Delight your finance team

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