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Want to take better decisions with real-time business data charts ?

You may want to take real-time decisions in the field but without easy-to-read infographics, you may never find data exceptions and your efficiency will suffer.

Now accomplish more with easy-to-understand graphs and charts on the go with our sales visualization tool.

sales visualization tool

Visualize only the Data you want to see

Instead of seeing a standard template, a Personalized Dashboard offers crisp, collated view of specific data patterns based on parameters that you choose to see

More than 50 standard FMCG KPIs are available to make your own KPI combinations 

Quick Viz
trend analysis

Comparative Analysis Via Trend Charts

‘Last 3 months’,  ‘Month on Month’ as well as  ‘Last Month’ Graphical Charts can be created around reports to easily decipher data patterns and gaps in the performance on key KPIs.

On-the-go Availability

Take real time decisions with easy-to-read charts available  on the mobile anytime, anywhere.

real time decisions
sales visualization tool

Drill down Functionality

See highlighted and colour coded Exceptions in your data patterns to achieve depth of data by finding the root cause of those anomalies.

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