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Is Increasing Depth of your Distribution a big challenge?

You may have a huge variety of products to offer but if 80% of your sales come from your Top 5 SKUs, that can make you vulnerable to competition undercutting.

Grab a bigger piece of the pie. Improve range selling across geographies with a targeted assortment of products for every shelf.

Must sell assortment

Define Product Rules for Targeted Selling

Define geography-wise or even SO-wise parameters like ‘Must Sell’, ‘Focus Products’, “Min Order Quantity” etc. to increase ticket size and volume.

Define Product Rules for Targeted Selling
Cheese Chips

Auto-Suggestions on Order Quantity

Get fast moving SKU recommendations and suggested order quantities based on historical orders.

Revive Slow Running SKUs

With FA Analytics, identify trailing categories and recalibrate the right assortment to ensure better range selling.

Revive Slow Running SKUs
Drive New product launches smartly

Drive New product launches smartly

Using Product rules, make it mandatory for SOs to sell new products by marking them as  ‘Must- Sell’ or ‘Focus’ products.

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