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Krishnanand Hattarkal, VP of
Sales, Doms proudly endorsing
momentous growth with smart
actionable insights.

Krishnanand Hattarkal, VP of
Sales, Doms proudly endorsing
momentous growth with smart
actionable insights.

Krishnanand Hattarkal, VP of Sales, Doms proudly endorsing momentous growth with smart actionable insights.

Starting as a pencil and stationery brand in 1975, DOMS has evolved into an industry giant and lives rightfully to its slogan – SHARP MINDS! The brand has diversified into various niches such as Pencils and Accessories, paper stationery, pen and writing materials, gifting, drawing, colours and crafts materials, markers, fine arts supplies, and mathematical drawing instruments. 

  • 1 Lac+ outlets in India
  • Strong global presence in 30+ countries
  • 550+ product SKUs

RR Group to DOMS – The Brand We Know and Love!

The journey of one of the most adored stationery brands in the world started from a pencil, back in the year 1975, when its name was RR Group. Their main job at the time was to manufacture high-quality pencils for other stationery brands. Fast forward a few years, and in 2005, the RR Group launched its own, stationery brand, DOMS that instantly clicked with the minds of young budding stationery consumers – the students, and the major purchasing decision-makers behind them, their parents

DOMS had a diverse product portfolio, and the list kept on gaining momentum, in terms of both – the number of products and the variety in each segment. Came the year 2012, and DOMS was a proud partner of the stationery industry icon – F.I.L.A. 

Now, the brand identifies itself with every creative sector, ranging from Fine Arts to Mechanical Drawing and Schools to Professional drawings!

When Lack of Vision Into the Right Data Was Beating the Results 

While the brand was riding the wave of success, and basking in the glory of happy testimonials and incremental following, the sales were a grim and hazy picture. There was almost no insight into the numbers and the sales reps, even with an SFA system in place!

The mid-level management was grappling with reporting, as it lacked the right data and actionable insights there-in!

The current SFA lacked in its effectiveness and capability to equip the brand stakeholders with the right intelligence. Lack of flexible reporting and complex interface made the adoption really poor leading to more delays and data gaps.

  • Reports and assessments were flimsy with a little or no gist to them
  • Employee management, sales reporting, SKU management, order processing, product management, and employee motivation lagged behind, as the key decision-makers were not able to make the most of unstructured data.

DOMS didnt lack automation, but the exhaustive yet formulated data representation and its comprehensive analysis to uncover:

  • All numbers at a single place 
  • Trends in those numbers
  • Impact on sales and insights for future strategies 

The sales reps had a smart, efficient and intuitive SFA App in hand, that had historic data, offered smart recommendations and helped them take orders in less time and effort.

“We didn’t know what our boys were doing, whether they called the distributors or not, what tasks they completed in the first half of the day, and whether they were offering the right information related to the products or not. They simply had vague entries, and asked for order placements, without any market intelligence. Moreover, we didn’t have any vision into the untapped or potential markets, such as suburban or rural areas. Every meeting had vague reporting and dry numbers that amounted to nothing valuable at the end of the day.”

(Krishnanand Hattarkal, VP Sales, DOMS)

FieldAssist’s SFA was a transformative experience for DOMS, with an easy-to-use interface, swift implementation, and highly immersive and comprehensive data representation.

Now, every department and every stakeholder had core actionable insights into real-time data and impeccable vision into all that was right and all that was not!

  • The sales reps had a smart, efficient and intuitive SFA App on their digital devices, that recorded historical data, offered smart recommendations, and collected their record like never before!
  • Mid-level management could see “who was doing what, when and how” to set more definite and performance-driven KPIs for every team member
  • Senior management had daily reports, with impressive and profound details on numbers, products, types of products, SKU, and outlets. They had more than enough data to be compiled with the industry-best analytics to uncover hidden trends and draft future strategies. 

What We Actually Solved for DOMS

FieldAssist’s SFA became a powerful tool to make sense of everything – from the core market insights and intelligence to setting and leveraging KPIs for improved workplace productivity. 

Smart insights allowed the mid-level management to view real-time data in relation to every category, every product, every outlet, and every agent coverage

1. Reports became data-driven and actionable

Teams were able to decode marketing and sales pain points with smart analytics. Better analytics such as TC (Total Calls), PC (Productive Calls), OVC and RetailingTime etc presented the “actual view of efforts and their results” for each employee.

  • FieldAssist’s SFA implementation boosted the average TC per day per employee by 53% and PC increased by 44% as compared to the other competitors.
  • Monthly billing improved by 27% across geographies and outlet coverage improved by 33%

2. Key decision-makers had granular data reports

Access to the ground reports and happenings helped them devise new strategies that boosted the revenue of DOMS by 2%.

3. Workplace productivity and Employee Motivation

Better KPI management with FA Battleground, SR’s performance tracking and monitoring fueled the workplace productivity, improved attendance by 2% and gave a boost to healthy competition among the sales reps.

Siva Devaki once famously said – “Sales is not about selling anymore, but about building trust and educating“.

And, FieldAssist played the impeccable growth catalyst for DOMS by enabling trust-building and education throughout the brand structure and business model of DOMS.