Are you looking to increase your ROI from the Organized Retail Channel?

You may have big marketing campaigns to wow your consumers but by the time you realize that your promotions are not executed properly, considerable sales are lost.

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Ensure SKU Availability

Put the right products on the right shelves

With our comprehensive stock management software, monitor the regular availability of key products /categories or new product launches on every shelf, and get stock-out alerts for immediate action.

Ensure designated SKUs are available at specified outlets for maximum off take.

Prepare promptly for restocking in case of stock-out at a store with our real-time alerts to managers.


Validated Store-Visits with Selfie-based Attendance

Say 'Good Morning' to your salespeople

Make your store promoters more accountable  by authenticating every store visit with Geo-Fencing.

Selfie-based attendance of promoters to ensure that they are properly groomed. 

Track Planogram Compliance & Share of Shelf

Ensure consumers see your products - so they can buy them

Measure the impact of planogram adherence on tertiary takeoff across various stores effortlessly using merchandising planogram software’s real-time planogram compliance data.

Take immediate action on stores where the share of the shelf is below minimum threshold. 


Account level campaign tracking & Promotions audit

Because every store requires personalized attention

Flexibility on implementing customized campaigns including  tailored assortments, packaging and promotions that are easy to track and implement. 

Measure ROI on in-store-activation levers such as secondary displays, in-store demonstrations,  free samples or promotion activation with regular in-app audit.

Opening Stock, Stock Inward & Closing Stock

Authenticated stock values every day

Validate existing stock at the start of every day with our stock management software.

Receive stock from distributors by validating it with PO number. Record closing stock at the end of the day to avoid mistakes in data punching.


Image Recognition

See it to believe it

Using advanced technology, share-of-shelf and planogram effectiveness is auto-calculated to help improve on-field decision-making and to drive higher merchandising ROI.  

Influence Customers’ Buying behaviour

Increase impulse buying in your footfalls

Brand promoters can redirect impulse buying towards your brand with product sampling and better selling. 



Plan, execute and review every store activity with merchandiser day summary.

Identify OOS at every outlets and raise the requisition directly from the app .

Analytics on-the-go with Visual charts

Via the Analytics dashboard, Managers can see how many users have visited the store, how many are on leave etc. They can also ensure BAs are properly groomed when they  send their selfie to mark attendance.

Get an exhaustive picture of your store’s performance with Store Evaluation Card, compare the performance of different regions/chains and track your top-performing SKUs.

Prepare promptly for restocking in case of stock-out at a store with our real-time alerts to managers.

Managers can view MTD data e.g. what is the top moving SKU, Stock vs Sales, Tertiary sales etc. Charts are customised in the dashboard, and visible in the Analytics app

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