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Are you missing out on potential opportunities in Institutional Sales?

B2B or Institutional Sales are big ticket deals but have longer sales cycles, so without automated workflows, business opportunities can slip through the cracks.

Our powerful workflow management software offers efficient and transparent B2B workflows, ensuring that you never miss out on any opportunity from lead capturing to distribution and nurturing

work flow management software

Bisleri India strategically manages 13000 + institutional relationships for incremental lead conversion.


sales people


leads created


conversion ratio

Team of 120 for institutional sales for nurturing new institutional buyers.

With FA Flo, B2B team logged in more than 5000 monthly Customer Visits.

Nearly 15000 prospect clients created and managed in FY21

Conversion ratio 19.3% with 2900 leads converted.

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b2b sales software

RR Global India optimizes its sales funnel by efficiently nurturing 18000+ institutional relationships.


sales people




Customer Visits

Institutional & Project Sales team of 240+ members in RR Global.

More than 24,000 inquiries logged in for FY 2022.

Over 11,000 monthly B2B visits recorded.

More than 1350 inquiries were converted using our B2B sales software.

Tailor-made reports on individual performance of salespeople, the top performing members as well as leads source, inquiry type,  leads per stage of progression etc.

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“My on-ground teams used to manage data manually on CDs, which seemed like we were still working in the 90s. I knew I had to make a shift very soon. With FieldAssist we truly transformed how we run our BTL activities across geographies”

Vivek Kesari

Head of Central Marketing, Tolaram Nigeria

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