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  • Are your project coordinators doing everything to get the products on the shelf?
  • Are you getting enough visibility of the outlet-level performance and sales metrics?
  • How do you ensure that your Project Coordinators have the right skillsets to manage digital transformation projects?

Today’s demand volatility requires CPG companies to adopt a digital-first culture. Traditional methods, linear supply
chains, siloed tools, and complex dashboards won’t cut it. How do you achieve digitization? By training people and ensuring Project Coordinators have the right skillsets.

Considering this, FieldAssist’s team was excited to hold this year’s most anticipated event, the ‘FA Elevate Conclave’23’, upskilling Product and Project Champions from various CPG industries to create a resilient sales and distribution system and robust
route-to-market strategies. 

The event covered – 

Microsoft Power BI Embedded Products Workshop:

Microsoft experts shared insights on cutting-edge capabilities of the Power BI embedded tool, enabling faster time to market, reduced costs, seamless dashboard management, and enhanced visibility on outlet-level performance. 

Subject Matter Experts

Varun Pandey – CTO, Nikhil Agarwal – Head of Product Management, and Nikhil Patwari, Product Head, unveiled FieldAssist’s FAi and DMS to create impactful dashboards and improve route optimization, beat optimization, range selling, and real-time engagements.

Varun Pandey,
Nikhil Patwari,
Head of Product Management
Nikhil Agarwal,
Product Head

The event also covered industry expert insights that broadened clients’ perspectives and contributed to their professional development to handle project intricacies seamlessly.


Focused on building the SuperHeroes of Tomorrow, the event provided a platform for networking with industry leaders, fostering new connections, and strengthening existing ones. We also focused on recognizing the Project Heroes and allowed them to share their learnings and experiences, contributing to a collective pool of industry knowledge.


Jasmeet Kondal – Tea Valley MIS Analyst, said, “The FA Elevate Conclave covered cutting-edge capabilities of embedded tools like DMS and Power BI, sought valuable feedback, engaged in enlightening discussions, and emphasized collaboration and innovation, showcasing FieldAssist’s commitment to evolution. Thanks to FieldAssist and Team for a year of learning and fruitful collaborations! Looking forward to embracing new capabilities for continued growth.”


Karamvir Vashist – Lifestyle Foods MIS and Sales Coordinator, said, “Grateful for the incredible experience at the recent FieldAssist Enclave! FieldAssist’s cutting-edge capabilities and commitment to evolution were truly inspiring. We are excited to embrace new advancements aligning with our growth trajectory. A big thank you to FieldAssist for a year filled with learning and fruitful collaborations!.”


Rajendra Singh – Assistant Manager Hamdard Wakf, said, “A big shoutout and heartfelt thanks to the FieldAssist for hosting and curating such an enlightening session on SaaS products and BI-embedded FieldAssist tools. The insights gained and discussions have undoubtedly elevated our understanding of these transformative technologies. Kudos to the speakers for sharing their expertise and to my fellow attendees for the engaging conversations! Let’s continue to learn, innovate, and elevate together.”

Varun, Assistant Manager at Saksham Impex Pvt Ltd, said, “The FA Conclave was a great platform to connect with all Fieldassist leaders. People from different companies discussed industry sales automation issues and solutions. Good luck to all of you.”

Following the success of our FA Elevate Conclave, we took another stride to empower over 100+ project managers with invaluable insights into the world of data visualization. In collaboration with Microsoft experts, we facilitated a 2-hour in-depth session on SaaS products and BI-embedded FieldAssist tools, upskilling MIS Program Managers and Project Coordinators to elevate their data game and translate FMCG Sales KPIs into actionable insights.

A big shout-out to the organizers for orchestrating an event that surpassed expectations!  And BIG thank you to all the participants who made both our events an unforgettable experience.

At FieldAssist, we strive to continue our momentum in uplifting Project Heroes with more exciting events. If you or your organization is interested in participating in our future events, kindly contact your CS @Pankaj or @Chitransh.