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Are multiple spreadsheets becoming an obstacle in deriving actionable insights ?

Too much data can distract you from understanding on-ground reality. And if you’re not responsive and quick , it can hamper your competitive advantage.

Now unlock insightful trends with sales reporting over time frames like MTD, and L3M and make better business decisions.

sales reporting

DIY Reports

Choose relevant KPIs of your team and use ready – made pivot and grouping options to make flexi  reports and organize data as per your own requirements.

Sales DIY Report
Sales & Employee Quarterly Report

Last 3-Month Trend Reports

Get comparative analysis of important KPIs like First Call, LPC etc over a 3 month timeframe to capture trends in sales and team performance and  plan better for the coming months. 

Month-On-Month Trend Reports

Select “Start Month” and “End Month” to view each SO’s month-on-month performance to arrest any dip in sales or to make course corrections in sales performance. 

Month-On-Month Trend Reports
30+ Reports to Crunch your Data

30+ Reports to Crunch your Data

Choose from a wide variety of Reports like PJP adherence, outlet coverage efficiency, Joint working report etc to analyze everything you want to see.

Quick Viz

Visualize reports into graphs and charts to easily identify hidden opportunities, unnoticed trends and key insights that help mid-managers make better, faster decisions.

sales report visualization
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“FieldAssist has been a game-changer in our growth story. With their platform we can now easily convert data into information that can help us solve real business problems by having the power of quick decision making.”
Sourav Bikash Rana
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