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Do you know you are losing revenue by not maximizing your outlet potential ?

You may have multiple sales teams that visit the same area for selling different product categories,  but if a team doesn’t cross-sell its category in outlets that keep other categories but not theirs, then you are losing significant potential revenue.

With Near Peer, each team member has access to all other outlets in their Master list allowing each member to identify ‘new’ stores to sell his own category.

Near Peer

Access to Opportunity Outlets

Via the General Trade App,  your sales teams get access to Opportunity Stores or ‘Near Peer’ stores that are not mapped against the user’s (SO’s)  particular business but exist within the company’s system. This creates an opportunity for them to sell their own product  category in ‘new stores.

Access to Opportunity Outlets
30 kms radius of Near Peer Stores

30 kms radius of Near Peer Stores

All outlets within 30 kms are available by default. SOs can use the search option to check outlets from a pan-India outlet universe within the organization to identify near-peer stores that have the potential to sell their product category.

Upselling & Cross-Selling

With access to hundreds of ready-to-target outlets, SOs can increase  per counter sales by upselling & cross-selling more product categories.

Upselling & Cross-Selling
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