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Are your mid-managers maintaining good traction on ground?

Salesmen are a key element in executing your sales strategy , but if your managers don’t regularly monitor their work, they may become underproductive and overconfident.

With Joint working, get outlet level market intelligence and SR performance indices to craft an impactful execution of on-ground sales strategies.

manager joint working

Make Managers more accountable

Make Joint Working mandatory,  measure the actual performance of managers against their KPIs as well the impact they bring.

Perform better
Execute on-ground strategies

Execute on-ground strategies

By getting better on-field insights on which outlets are low performing, mid managers can implement better strategies and impact revenue metrics e.g higher drop size.

Identify Will & Skill gaps within the field-force

By accompanying SOs on their beats, managers can do on-the-spot surveys to discover their team members’ inherent strengths and learning needs, on which they can take commensurate action.

Identify Will & Skill gaps
connect with the team

Build more trust and connect with the team

Managers can build a greater connect and affinity with their team by giving them on-the-job training experience on how to become a more effective salesperson.

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