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Are you trying to build strong retailer engagement without accurate and real-time market intelligence?

You may have captured initial market share, but if you don’t respond to customer demands in time, your competition will grab your share of shelf before you know it.

Build high-engagement with Retailers by launching in-app surveys that quickly capture outlet realities, competitor activities and customer preferences.

Marketing intelligence

Flexible templates of 15+ Survey Types

Easily capture a wide variety of market information e.g. new outlet creation, Retailer Relationship, Product Survey, Manager Joint Working, Customer Complaint/ Feedback etc.

Near Peer
Capture Real-time Retailer Health

Capture Real-time Retailer Health

Get a quick view of how many outlets are generating demand and how many aren’t. Capture images of stock on shelf, POS material etc. to record details of every outlet.

Joint Manager for improved on-field performance

Get outlet-level insights to assess performance indices and identify blind spots of your sales  team.

improved on-field performance
Perform better than your competition

Perform better than your competition

Quickly assess what your competition is doing in the market by capturing pictures of their brand visibility, product assortment, etc.

Record  real-time feedback from end customers to assess their brand loyalty, preferences, price sensitivity and so much more.

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