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Alwyn DSilva’s, Head of GT intensified its
RTM strategy with an integration
technology partner.

Alwyn DSilva’s, Head of GT intensified
its RTM strategy with an integration
technology partner.

Alwyn d'silva, head of gt intensified its rtm strategy with an integration technology partner.

The Story Of Eureka Forbes

Founded in 1982, Eureka Forbes Limited is a multi-product, multi-channel organization and India’s leading health and hygiene brand present in over 35 countries around the world today.

It is a pioneer and trendsetter in direct sales in India and is one of the largest direct-selling companies in the world offering a wide range of Vacuum cleaners, Water purifiers, Air purifiers and Security solutions.

What is Eureka Forbes’ Goal?

Both Alwyn DSilva (Business Transformation-GT) and Santhana Raj (Business Head-GT)  are looking to make Eureka Forbes the most respected health and hygiene electronic brand by making a positive difference in the lives of its customers with advanced lifestyle products.

What was Alwyn DSilva’s  Wishlist?

 The leadership at Eureka Forbes believes that having a proper sales monitoring system is critical to boost sales. Alwyn wanted to convert this belief into tangible achievements by :

  • Having personalized data of every store, something that could help them reinforce retailer relationships. E.g Birthdays or Work Anniversaries of retailers etc.  
  •  Establishing a proper product planogram in the store and regularly conducting a display audit.  Creating proper planning and adherence for outlet-level insights.
  • Achieving greater discipline and enforcement of KPIs in the sales team.

What hurdles did Alwyn & Santhana face?

 Eureka Forbes already had multiple vendors for different products, i.e. DMS, Retail, Organised Retail, Modern Trade etc. Data collation was a huge pain. Different systems created reports in different formats which made it difficult to draw out insights. On top of that, data sanity was a massive challenge.

The SFA that Santhana’s team was using had a lot of data duplication issues e.g different retailer codes for the same outlet. The system also had challenges around product stability because whenever something new was implemented, the old module would glitch.  

As the product was not that easy to use, Santhana’s managers had difficulty in tracking planning adherence, which was pivotal in monitoring the productivity and efficiency of his sales force. As a result, he had poor visibility on the performance of his on-field team, could not access reports timely or analyse data at an outlet level.

He wanted more data transparency to know which outlets needed to be visited more frequently, which outlets placed more orders, which ones needed nurturing, which key retailers his managers should visit etc.


How did FieldAssist resolve Eureka Forbes’ challenges?

The first thing that the FieldAssist team did is to conduct an exhaustive data sanitization of Eureka Forbes’ entire outlet universe. Now all sales data was available via the SFA app on a single platform. Santhana’s team was able to capture personalized retailer data through the new outlet creation process. 

With PJP plan visibility in SO and the manager app, Santhana was also able to keep track of the KPIs and milestones achieved with a real-time view of field activities and outlet coverage. Real-time data on the FA Analytics app empowered managers to take prompt action and enforce on-field plan adherence.

Santhana’s mid- managers also rigorously leveraged the Joint Working feature to identify and visit outlets that had the potential for growth and successfully built stronger relationships with those retailers. Now that the SOs were more aware of the ‘Must Sell’ and ‘Focus’ items, they were much more confident when going into the market and making more sales.

During this 3 year journey Alwyn, along with Santhana’s IT team collaborated with FieldAssist to develop many product enhancements and features which have helped not only Eureka Forbes but also many other companies. 

  • Alerts and Notifications – Managers and users got exception alerts when users were not adhering to their daily KPIs.
  • AI-powered Display Audit – Using the image-recognition feature, the app showed the points earned by the retailer and identified his incentive eligibility for the same. 

Santhana was also very happy with how the FieldAssist SFA app seamlessly integrated with their HRMS  and DMS tools. 

What have Alwyn & FieldAssist achieved together for Eureka Forbes?

Since partnering with FieldAssist, Alwyn DSilva has helped Eureka Forbes transform its sales and distribution strategy by leveraging SFA products and the numbers speak for themselves:

  • Improvement in Plan Adherence by nearly 30%
  • Improvement in First-Call Time Adherence by about 6% 
  • Improvement in Retail time Adherence by more than 10%