Are you struggling to smartly execute boardroom strategies on the field?

Sales managers need to rely on timely inputs from the field to deliver on targets, data is not real-time and accurate, then your entire strategy can go for a toss.

retail analytics solution

Single source of truth

Get personalized & retail sales dashboards on your fingertips

Managers can view and act in real time by getting visibility of their team’s on-ground performance based on 40+ pre-defined KPIs everyday, e.g. team coverage, MTD sales etc. to have better control over sales effectiveness in the field

Single Source of Truth
Quick Viz

Quick Viz

Turn excel reports into visual insights

Easily customize data visualizations and build interactive and configurable charts that can be set up and saved within minutes.

Manager Approvals on-the-go

Quick actions for on-ground effectiveness

Managers can approve Beat or PJP changes on-the-go to empower the team to ensure higher ground coverage.

Manager Approvals on the go
Midday Review

Mid-day reviews whenever, wherever

Be proactive than reactive with your teams

Mobility functionality for mid-managers to see KPIs of their team members any time during the day. Get a Drill-Down view of user-level performance on 40+ KPIs to recalibrate team deployment strategy and derive faster results.

Smart Alerts

Never forget an important task - ever!

Set alerts for sales coverage and beat coverage targets on a periodic basis and receive instant communication in case of violations or exceptions.

Smart Alerts
retail distribution analytics

Increase Width of Distribution

Capture your entire universe in a single window

Keep track of each outlet and their sales histories to know when and what to upsell. With Beat-o-meter, retain Active Outlets and convert Dormant Outlets to Active to achieve higher traction.

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“Data is the new oil and we wanted to use this to run our growth engines. With the help of FieldAssist, we got an in-depth view of our outlet level data from FA analytics and dashboards, which further helped us identify and activate new geographies.”
Varun Das
Wipro to Head of Sales, Wipro
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