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Are you facing a demotivated and disengaged Sales Team?

Your foot soldiers are the representatives of your organization in the field, but if they feel rejected or unappreciated, your field effectiveness will take a nose-dive.

sales engagement software

Robust 40+ KPI Configuration Model

Align your team against KPIs like Daily Target, Focus Product Selling, % of Monthly Billing, Daily LPC,  % Billed and % Outlets covered till date etc.

kpi configuration model
Contest qualifiers

Contest Qualifiers & Milestone Alerts

Your sales reps can view their daily performance against KPIs  and get real-time alerts on Near Completion, Qualifiers missing, End of Day approaching etc.

Get visibility of monetary rewards and target based alerts like ‘Distance to Reward’

Public Recognition and Social Gratification for SOs

Celebrate achievements of high performers across social platforms by giving winners company-wide visibility on our sales gamification software.

sales force recognition
Leaderboard visibility

Leaderboard Visibility for Mid-Managers

Get Auto-Suggested SO performance monitoring to easily identify strengths & improvement areas of  every team member.

Discover Strengths & Improvement Areas for each SO

With daily insight into the performance and progression of every SO, discover their strengths and areas of improvement to identify training interventions and upskilling opportunities.

Leaderboard Visibility for Mid-Managers
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“With FieldAssist onboarded, we witnessed how sales gamification with a data-driven approach can create highly engaged and driven sales teams. I’m now much more confident that we can deliver more with less now and achieve exceptional growth within the deadlines.”
Saikat Chaudhury​
Head of Commercial Excellence, Danone
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