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Vega's Director, Mr. Sandeep Jain
styles its Digital success with the
right automation partner.

Vega's Director, Mr. Sandeep Jain
styles its Digital success with the
right automation partner.

Vega's Director, Mr. Sandeep Jain styles its Digital success with the right automation partner.

With the largest market share in India’s organized sector and an unparalleled grooming lineage, Vega Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer in at-home styling products. Their mission is to help people be the best version of themselves. Therefore, they place special emphasis on efficiency and productivity when delivering contemporary products for every consumer’s head-to-toe grooming needs.

  • 600+ Beauty and Personal Care Products styling both women and men
  • Nationwide presence across general and modern trade, professional sales and exclusive brand outlets in leading malls
  • 250+ Sales Representatives powering their on-field Market Sales

Focusing on the Right Outlets to reach the Right Consumers

With the continuous efforts of the sales team, Vega was growing across all prime Indian outlets. So much so, that 70% of their revenue was generated from their top-selling outlets only. But this also meant that their brand reach was limited and their products weren’t reaching a wider audience who could have been interested in their brand.  Vega wanted to serve this large part of India that was beyond the reach of such prime outlets. For them this meant:

  • Planning Beat visits as per geography and order history
  • Having category-wise visibility of products to focus sales efforts in the right direction.
  • Setting outlet-based targets for their on-field sales team.

Blindsided by the lack of Right Data and Analytics

Now that their wishlist was ready, Vega’s Sales Team faced a new hurdle. While planning the perfect execution for their agenda, their Sales Head realized there were some shortcomings in their sales data. Without a reliable data source:   

  • Neither did they have aclear picture of their outlet coverage nor the actual geographical reach of their brand.
  • Inaccurate Sales Analyticsand Performance Monitoring could cripple their sales future strategies.

To conquer these challenges, Vega needed a new, more agile and robust Sales Automation Platform.

Onboarding the Right Automation Partner to empower their Sales

“Our research revealed that FieldAssist was a leading player in the Sales Automation Industry and could provide us the granular-level performance data that we needed to achieve our goals” recalls Sheetal Khanna, General Manager – Sales.

Today, Vega has successfully implemented the FieldAssist SFA across its 250+ Sales team. With reliable and relevant data available at each level of their sales team:

  • They’re able to extract analytics reports independently without any dependency on MIS teams. 
  • Armed with data, their managers feel more confident in taking decisions proactively to focus their GTM efforts in the right direction.
  • They have a 360° visibility of their outlet universe and can now make efficient category-wise plans for the execution.

Onto the Growth lane with Data Intelligence

Today, the sales workflow at Vega is more transparent than ever with complete product and team performance visibility at every level. These real-time insights from the FA Analytics Application have enabled their managers to provide focused assistance for every market and team member. With reliable Data Intelligence by their side, Vega’s Sales Team has achieved: 

  • 30% Year-on-Year Growth in FY 2020-21
  • 60% increase in Sales Productivity with enhanced individual accountability within their team 
  • Demand-based Beat planning with outlet-wise Targets for deeper market penetration.