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How Borosil Is Raising The ‘Glass’ Bar with End-to-End Automation To Grab The Largest Market Share

Picture of Chitransh Jain
Chitransh Jain

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How Borosil Is Raising The ‘Glass’ Bar with End-to-End Automation To Grab The Largest Market Share

Picture of Chitransh Jain
Chitransh Jain

Updated Date: July 3, 2024

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Right through my childhood, I’ve seen Borosil products in my mother’s kitchen, and now my children can say the same thing about my kitchen. If it’s glassware, it has to be Borosil. Since 1962 as India’s most trusted glassware brand, Borosil is the market leader for consumer glassware in India today. And we are proud to be working with such a great brand.

Here’s how their journey started with us. A few years ago, Rituraj Sharma, President of Borosil Consumer Products, and Ritesh Sachdeva, AVP Sales wanted to extend their lead in Consumer Products even more by focusing on the productivity of their existing outlets. That could only happen if they had the right technology and the power of data to support them.

But the company faced a few hiccups with their first automation solution. They did not have a distributor mapping on a dealer code. Outlets created by distributors were not mapped to any beat, Dealer Codes were assigned randomly, and apart from attendance and distributor returns, they could not really pull any other data out of it. Another challenge was that there was an enormous dependency on the platform’s customer service team to resolve their frequent issues. Rituraj and Ritesh needed to urgently identify a better salesforce automation solution that could be more of a partner in their growth rather than just a vendor. That’s where FieldAssist comes into the picture.

The fact that their solutions have integration capabilities with all popular DMS and CRM tools is what worked in FieldAssist’s favor. Also, the presentation they gave us was impressive. They showed us the reports we could get from their system. What excited us is that there were actually 2 apps – one was the user app and the other was the Manager dashboard (FA Analytics). All these things tipped the decision for us to go with FieldAssist”, said Rituraj Sharma.

Ritesh added, “Once we transitioned to the GT app, things immediately started improving. Now we get outlet-level sales at a dealer code level – which was not available to us earlier. We get team productivity numbers in real-time. We now have DATA we can use!”

After about a month of adoption, I asked them,  “What is the biggest change you see post-adoption?”

“There are actually 2 biggest changes at a very basic level. The first is that the team has started taking orders. Why I say this is important is because earlier we did not have clear visibility on how the team is performing in the field. Now we do. The second is that the mindset of my mid-managers has changed. Armed with the dashboard, a manager is now able to enforce discipline, ask his SRs to login earlier, start the 1st call earlier, so the SRs can be in the market for more time, and visit more outlets. The team is also more focused and motivated because every individual can view his own productivity.” Ritesh noted.

The validation of a good product always comes from the tangible ways it impacts the customer. Following are some of the areas where Ritesh and his team have transformed Borosil’s sales supply chain using FieldAssist solutions:

1. The mid-managers have complete visibility on their manpower activities. Now that everything is available in a single window, they can view real-time performance, see their timeline and talk to any team member. If there is a red flag in the field, managers have the ability to take action in real-time.

2. Digitizing the order-taking process has led to the fulfillment of orders at a Distributor level.

3. The Sales leadership is able to see

  •  Sales from the new outlets
  • Unique outlets covered in a month
  • Unique Productive Calls at a sub-category level
  • Division-level, category-level, and even sub-category-level billing.
  • Distributor’s MTD sales and the average last 5 sales, including self-sourced orders + last 10 DMS billed invoices, including discounts
  • Zero sales outlets and Not visited Outlets

4. Managers are able to capture different types of activities that SRs are doing in the field e.g. if they need to travel to another town, visit the Distributor, or be on leave.

5. All new outlets created are tagged to the category, and come with geo-mapping and outlet phone numbers, so data sanitization happens by default.

6. The option to choose products at a division level (prod category) helps the team in better selection when punching in orders.

7. All orders flow directly to DMS, so billing can be done easily. They know what products a distributor has bought in a single click because the invoice number is available via the Distributor management system. They can also compare his current invoice with the last 10 invoices.

Once the GT app became live the senior sales leadership realized that they needed a similar solution for their B2B business as well. In a few weeks, FieldAssist will be proudly rolling out the B2B solution for institutional sales which will help them track how they have been performing historically, how their B2B sales team is spending its time, are they doing telephonic calls, are they going to client visits, can they schedule an activity that their managers can see, etc.

With FieldAssist, Borosil has achieved a clear line of sight on almost 17,000 outlets across +7000 SKUs! Within 3 months, Ritesh’s team saw a 36% increase in new outlets.  Their total Productive Calls also improved by 7% within a span of 2 months.

The future looks very exciting indeed for Rituraj Sharma and his team. The next step is to create a tech-infused sales culture that becomes the catalyst for future expansion. In the next year or so, you may see a completely transformed team of  Sales Warriors using FA Gamification to generate an insane amount of business for Borosil. With end-to-end automation solutions from FieldAssist, the brand is aiming to make the handheld smartphones of SRs their one source of truth.

And I can’t tell you how excited we are to walk this journey together with Borosil.

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