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How Oshea gets a bird’s eye
view on Organized
Retail with ModMart

How Oshea gets a bird’s eye
view on Organized
Retail with ModMart


Awarded as the most trusted Skincare product in 2019, Oshea Herbals was founded in 2010 with a large portfolio of 75+ SKUs.

Now, they are keen to take Oshea to all modern trade counters and offer a more personal experience to the shoppers. Since in-store promoters are a significant expenditure, they placed them strategically at outlets where the footfalls were high to ensure higher conversions.

However, even after the promoters had been placed at the right outlets, they were facing a few challenges like No validation of promotor attendance, a time-consuming process of making reports, etc.

Download the customer story to find out how Oshea deployed a unique made-for-Modern-Trade solution to streamline his in-store processes.


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2x growth in revenue from Jan 2022 to Jan 2023

Increase in Promoter working hours from 4 to 4.6 hours

30%-40% decrease in product returns because of a better assortment


133% increase YoY in New Outlets

51% boost in Outlet Universe

21% jump in Unique Productive Calls

18% hike in Unique Total Calls