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Nrusimha Panda
VP - Sales & Logistics, Dr. Oetker India

Paramdeep Singh
CEO, FieldAssist

Nrusimha is the Vice President of Sales and Logistics for Dr Oetkar in India. He joined them in 2007 to develop their modern trade channel, and today, he leads all the 3 sales verticals- general trade, modern trade and food services.

A  EUR4 billion German FMCG giant with over 130 years of history, Dr Oetker has a global footprint in more than 40 countries and is a key player in India’s Rs 21,700 crore sauces, dressings and condiments industry. With Nrusimha helming its retail presence across general trade, modern trade, and food services, India became the fastest-growing market for Dr Oetkar across all global operations last year. 

He has previously worked with many MNCS, including a French global leader in Flavours and Fragrances, a Spanish confectionery giant, and today, he is with a 130-year-old German brand. And after working in multiple business environments across various geographies, he has come a long way as I know him. He’s someone who’s in a constant quest for learning and exploring the unknown and has carved out a very niche place for himself in the industry with a very people-friendly approach

Tune in on the latest episode of the FieldAssist Podcast, WHAT THE F..mcg! that revolves around Innovate, Communicate, Dominate: How to play Smart when Retailers Play Tough, where Nrusimha shares some really cool stories and funny anecdotes of retailer shenanigans with Paramdeep Singh, CEO of FieldAssist. 

Key Points 

00:00 – 00:52 – Intro

00:52 – 02:28 – How did you build consumer habits around Dr.Oetkar?

02:28 – 04:04 – Can you highlight something different you discover today than your initial years?

04:04 – 06:00 – What was Dr. Oetkar’s strategic intent in entering India?

06:00 – 07:26 – What are the things that worked in sales but don’t anymore at your current scale?

07:26 – 09:43 – Can you share any crises or difficult situations you faced in sales?

09:43 – 11:05 – As an introvert, what is your secret for succeeding in Sales?

11:05 – 13:24 – Any interesting anecdote with your distributor or retailer?

13:24 – 16:14 – What would be your three Nuggets of wisdom for our listeners?

16:14 – 17:16 – Closing comments

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