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Moderator & Host


Shashwat Ghosh
CMO, FieldAssist

Sowmya Vedarth
Partner, Risk Advisory, Deloitte India

Varun Pandey
CTO & Chief Security Officer, FieldAssist

Amit Kumar Padhy

Webcast: Data Protection (DPDP) Act 2023 – How should CPG companies prepare themselves for it?

FMCGs/FMCDs are leveraging customer data to transform and drive revenue. But how well do you know your DATA and your CUSTOMERS? Do you know them well enough to keep their data safe? 

Today, more than Knowing your Customers (KYC), it is about Knowing your Data (KYD) about them. This KYC-to-KYD approach empowers CPGs to consider the regulatory importance of personal data.

Not only customers, it is imperative for businesses to consider safeguarding employees’ data from any breach or vulnerabilities. 

With the enactment of India’s Digital Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Act 2023, CPG companies, consumers, and manufacturers are enforced to redefine their data security mechanisms. 

Tune in to learn about the DPDP Act in simple terms. Amit Kumar Padhy, Group Counsel, DPO (FIP, CIPPE, and CIPM), stated, “YOU and I have the power over our personal data collected by brands, and we can control how it is used to minimize digital risks.”

Sowmya Vedarth, Partner, Deloitte India’s Risk Advisory Practice, explained that the law helps you navigate the directives by striking the right balance between privacy concerns and promotional efforts. She rightly highlighted, “How must CPGs institutionalize data processing and consent management methods to foster customer trust and loyalty without infringing on user privacy?” 

Key insights from Varun Pandey were also interesting, as he emphasized how a data processor can help navigate the new world of privacy work. Make sure to check out the four key areas CPG brands should watch out for before hiring a data processor to optimize a proper roadmap for compliance. 

This webinar will be beneficial for:

  • CXOs of mid-size to large CPG Companies
  • Sales and Distribution Heads
  • Loyalty Program Experts and Trade Marketing Heads
  • CIOs / CTOs/ Digital Transformation Heads
  • FMCG Influencers and Experts

So, what are you waiting for? Tune in now to move beyond ‘privacy as an Act requirement’ to ‘privacy by design’ to succeed in the evolving landscape of the CPG sector.