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Natureland Organics dials
up retail growth by 100%
with on-the-go field intelligence.

Natureland Organics dials
up retail growth by 100%
with on-the-go field intelligence.

Natureland Organics dials up retail growth by 100% with on-the-go field intelligence.

Natureland Organics is a food brand that offers honest, organically grown food items to its customers. Started in 2002 by agriculturist brothers, Ajeet and Arvind Godara, their dream was to work for the betterment of the farming community and to educate them about the various methods of organic farming. They used their own land of 400 acres as the sandbox to experiment with many organic practices, which they passed on to their farmer network.

“We are contributing to the growing awareness of organic product consumption by propagating its advantages and future benefits through various marketing channels,” aver Ajeet Godara & Arvind Godara, Founders & Directors, NatureLand Organics

In 2016, seeing how their efforts were reaping benefits, the Godara brothers took the big step of entering the B2C market to offer organically grown food products to millions of health-conscious customers in India and overseas. Today, their consumers get transparency through its Farm Traceability Programme, whereby they can trace  (through unique batch codes) each product back to the farm it was grown on and to the farmer who fostered it.

Brand-Story-Natureland Organics

Taking the goodness of organics from farm-to-fork

Ajeet Godara, Director at Natureland Organics spent the first few years understanding the unique operational requirements and challenges of Kirana retail. He noted that customers were becoming more aware, more demanding and more than willing to pay for organically grown foods.

Ajeet decided that this was the right time to step on the accelerator and take his products beyond the metros to Tier I and Tier-II cities. So he increased his on-ground sales team to amp up his reach. Not surprisingly, that added a few complexities to his sales operations:   

  • The added workforce across territories meant that managing and tracking salespeople in the field were becoming more challenging.
  • As data was still being collated manually, by the time it reached the mid-managers for them to make any decisions, the day was already over, and the opportunity was lost.
  • All data was spread across different regions and attempts to centralise it had been unproductive.

His biggest worry was – how to increase his reach while also maximising team productivity?

The answer – A technology solution that could help him manage this workforce and offer real-time, on-ground, retail intelligence to make on-the-go decisions.

Enter FieldAssist: The automation partner that pushed Natureland Organics’ retail journey into top gear

While exploring various solutions and apps for salesforce automation, Ajeet was impressed with the enviable portfolio of brands that FieldAssist worked with. Seeing more than a decade of experience and an exceptional customer success record,  the Godara brothers chose FieldAssist to embark on an inspiring journey to expand their presence in Tier I & II cities. As the account was onboarded in the middle of the 2020 lockdown,  the FieldAssist team conducted multiple online trainings for their sales team to help them become comfortable with the dashboards, bulk uploads etc.

Today all the sales workflows are totally automated. Ajeet and his sales leaders can now check all sales metrics in a single dashboard, and assess the areas to develop and improve their team. They have complete coverage of the market across all 4 regions. Ajeet’s team has adopted a 100%  data approach where everything is analysed on a weekly and fortnightly basis.  Today they can measure category-wise, and outlet-wise performance, and take decisions on the same day itself.

When your team is on-field, effective manpower tracking is the biggest hiccup. With real-time tracking on FA analytics, the ASMs are relieved. They now have answers to all of their questions e.g  How many visits has a sales officer done in a week, if an order hasn’t come then what is the reason? Was it because the outlet wasn’t visited or stock fulfilment didn’t happen? Is the competition so strong that we don’t have visibility? 

The reviews have become smoother and way faster. The impact of FieldAssist’s adoption has also been significant:

  • In an industry that was growing by 20-22%, Natureland Organics saw 100% growth within a year
  • Their total outlet universe increased by 1.5x while New Outlets increased by 138%
  • There was a 45% increase in Total Calls
  • The team uses Must Sell, and Beat-o-meter aggressively to increase range selling and width of distribution

Natureland Organics is excitedly prepping for the future

Last year, the focus was more on expanding the reach and streamlining sales workflows. Now that those goals have been achieved, Ajeet and his team are now looking to launch new products in general trade as well as modern trade,  and build a greater depth of distribution beyond the existing 11 product lines.  

Given how fast their sales processes have evolved, the natural progression of this relationship will be towards adding the Modern Trade Platform as well as the Distribution Management System to Natureland Organics’ S&D technology ecosystem.

And FieldAssist is going to be in lockstep with them at every stage to help them push past the competition and emerge as a fast-growing industry leader in the organic foods space.