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Cost of Failure: Secret Hack for Being an Agile Leader

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Unibic Podcast

Kartikay Mehta
Director-Sales, Unibic Foods India

Paramdeep Singh
CEO, FieldAssist

Kartikay Mehta is an accomplished FMCG leader with 23 years of intensive FMCG experience. Since 2012,  he has been with Unibic Foods and is currently their National  Sales Director. With an exceptional understanding of the industry’s nuances, he has spent the last 8+ years building a global presence for the brand while also notching up a 35% CAGR for Unibic.

His unbridled enthusiasm and infectious smile belie his deep expertise in sales strategies, business development, and customer relationship management. Kartikay has played a huge role in driving Unibic’s sales growth and is leading the operational charge of scaling up Unibic to a Rs 1000 cr business of the future.

In this episode of Cost of Failure: Secret Hack for Being an Agile Leader, tune in to this refreshing chat between Kartikay and Paramdeep Singh, CEO of FieldAssist as he shares some interesting stories from how he builds distribution to how he aligns his team with the company’s dream, and how he’s learnt to be an agile sales leader.  

Key Points

00:00- Kartikay Mehta Introduction

01:01- Whats the connection between Unibic and Don Bradman?

02:02- What is Unibic’s brand positioning?

03:05- How do you balance keeping an ear on the ground and an eye on your people?

03:48- Are you driving consumer demand or are you addressing consumer demand?

04:39- What are the biggest challenges in translating strategy into execution?

07:02- Tell us about a unique experience with a retailer or a consumer.

8:37- What is your mantra on a data-led strategy?

10:21- What does it take to be an agile sales leader?

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