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Lack of business-led transformation, nuanced CPG knowledge, and inadequate enterprise-grade security result in learning at the client’s cost and pose significant risks.

In the highly competitive CPG industry, where over 600 new competitors enter the market each year, only 20% are able to secure shelf space and 80% of new product launches fail. AI is the key to unlocking growth.

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Perfect Store

Increase store visibility in the marketplace and drive sales growth

What’s the Need?
  • Time-consuming manual audits.
  • SoS and campaigns compliance issue.
  • Outdated intel affects product availability.
What are the benefits?
  • 90% accuracy in GT – An Industry FIRST
  • Capture store images using your mobile devices
  • Real-time AI-powered SKU recognition and counting.
  • 40% improvement in SoS and campaign/offer compliance
  • 20% increase in SoS for NPDs
What’s the need?
  • Loss of direction and effectiveness of strategies on delegation
  • Goal alignment is a challenge across the organisation.
  • Field sales KPI execution and incentivization is error prone
What are the benefits?
  • Field Rep geared for productivity enhancement.
  • AI engine Identifies Strengths and Improvement Area
  • Personalised Field Rep tasks and incentives for the right things

Sales Territory Optimisation

Customised route plans for sales reps to align with your business goals

What’s the need?
  • Unoptimised sales territories.
  • Inefficient sales performance.
  • Under/Over served geographies.
What are the benefits?
  • Significant reduction in travel distances.
  • Capturing untapped market opportunities
  • Improved sales focus and efficiency
  • 13% reduction in unserviced outlet universe
  • 18% increase in outlet coverage
What’s the need?
  • Inefficient manual resource allocation
  • Disparities in work distribution among sales reps.
  • Missed revenue opportunities
What are the benefits?
  • Highly efficient outlet servicing.
  • Improved morale of sales reps
  • 21% Improvement in Visit Compliance
  • 13% Increase in RoI per Sales Rep
What’s the need?
  • Inefficient routing leading to increased travel time and costs.
  • Time constraints, limiting the number of customer visits.
  • Maintaining productivity levels amidst varying workloads and routes.
What are the benefits?
  • Optimised daily travel time, maximizing sales reps’ productivity.
  • Efficient planning of daily routes, ensuring timely visits.
  • Meeting all prescribed visits on time, enhancing customer service and loyalty.
  • 21% Improvement in Visit Compliance
  • 11% Increase in new outlet onboarding

Range Selling

Ensure new product launch success with personalised recommendations

What’s the Need?
  • 98% new product launches fail
  • Manual product selection leading to inefficiencies.
  • Missed revenue opportunities due to poor forecasting
What are the Benefits?
  • Recommendation of products for each outlet
  • High degree of accuracy of the AI engine
  • Dynamic segmentation ensures sales uplift.
  • 24% increase of Cross Sell SKUs suggested by recco engine
  • 16% increase in Linescut per Outlet

Inventory Rotation

Overcome challenges in manual inventory management and ordering processes

What’s the Need?
  • Inefficient manual inventory management
  • Lack of real-time insights hinders proactive ordering
  • Lost sales due to stock-out situations
What are the Benefits?
  • Leverage cutting-edge AI/ML algorithms
  • Delivers a positive impact on distributors’ bottom line
  • Accurate demand forecasting for inventory management
  • 37% reduction in stock incidents
  • 12% decrease in primary returns

Sales Volume Planning

Unlock efficiency and revenue potential
What’s the Need?
  • Current process is time-consuming and error-prone.
  • Misalignment of targets with business objectives.
  • Missed revenue opportunities
What are the Benefits?
  • Automated target setting saves time and effort.
  • Target allocation is aligned to business growth.
  • Maximise revenue with data-driven targets
  • 5.76% improvement in First Call Time
  • 11.73% increase in LPC
What’s the Need?
  • Inaccurate sales projections impact the supply chain.
  • Unpredictable demand affects inventory management.
  • Lost sales due to stock-outs or overstocking.
What are the Benefits?
  • Optimised inventory management.
  • Improved supply chain efficiency.
  • Enhances sales performance.
  • 12% boost in demand-driven inventory management
  • 15% improvement in inventory turnover

Digital ASM

Empower your field sales teams with real-time insights for smooth communication
What’s the Need?
  • Strategic alignment of frontline with the top is an issue
  • Regular classroom training isn’t feasible
  • Low engagement of frontline sales
What are the Benefits?
  • As a co-pilot, send personalised KRA triggers
  • Drive quick actions through real-time information
  • Elevate the performance of the sales team
  • 14.13% average growth in productivity
  • 8.33% increase in LPC for users with nudges
One Platform. Endless Value.
Take Advantage of holistic implementation approach of FieldAssist
  • Comprehensive Change Management
  • Agile methodologies minimize workflow disruptions
  • Integrate change requests smoothly
  • Command center creation for robust implementation