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How Wingreens puts
‘Wins’ in kirana retail
with 160% jump in outlets

How Wingreens puts
‘Wins’ in kirana retail
with 160% jump in outlets

How Wingreens puts
‘Wins’ in kirana retail
with 160% jump in outlets

Ten years ago, lakadong turmeric powder, chia seeds, organic juices or wasabi mayo was never even heard of outside the major metros. Today these food items are present on almost all supermarket shelves and turn ordinary people into world-class chefs. Want to pack some punch in your barbequed meats? Serve with some barbeque mayo. Want to whip up a quick meal for your guests? Make a bowl of yummy pasta with your favorite pasta sauce in a jiffy! 

Wingreens Farms

Almost all Wingreens products are a celebration of nature. If pesto and hummus—once unfamiliar to most Indians—are now commonplace food items in urban kitchens, it’s all thanks to Wingreens. Popular among consumers are freshly squeezed juices, coconut water, almond milk, fresh dips, sauces, baked chips, apple cider vinegar, cold pressed oils, seeds, muesli, granola and many more products that are on their way.

Their aim is to capture changing consumer preferences towards “better for you” products, a segment representing a $1 billion opportunity over the next 5 years, while effectively transforming the legacy food processing industry, moving away from large mechanized units and promoting sustainable, handmade modes of production.

Wingreens Story

Adding Muscle to their Growth With Key Brand Acquisitions

The founders of Wingreens Farms realised that there was a lot of headroom for growth in this rapidly growing market for healthy foods. To expand aggressively both online and offline, they decided to acquire brands like Raw Pressary, Monsoon Harvest, Postcard etc that had a great fit with their own philosophy to scale business across the country.

Vikramaditya Choudhri, Co-founder of Wingreens Farms wanted to keep this momentum going by building a solid GTM strategy for his brands so that Wingreens products were available on all the right shelves. However, ambitious plans cannot win battles without solutions strong enough to support them.

But What Was Holding Wingreens Back?

Now that Wingreen’s had such a vast portfolio, Vikramaditya needed a lot more visibility on how his brands were moving on the field. But there were a new set of challenges that he had to resolve first:

Challenges Wingreens

Spreading a layer of technology-powered insights on Wingreens’ flavourful journey

FieldAssist conducted only 3 trainings for about 25 users, who then trained the rest of the salespeople on how to use the app. After that, the full execution including outlet data sanitization and the scaleup of the project, defining schemes, doing bulk uploads etc. was done- and continues to be done- by their project manager Varun Sachdeva.

Region-wise customized product assortment

With the FA app, Vikramaditya’s mid-managers can now create a high degree of customization and define region-wise product assortment. They also have the flexibility of activating and deactivating different products, something that they could not do before. For e.g, certain regions consume more vegetable juices than fruit juices or a particular area sells more of the 1-litre pack than other areas.

T vs A

Separate Brand, Separate Data

On the FieldAssist dashboard, Vikramaditya’s sales leadership can see separate data flows for Raw Pressary and Monsoon Harvest, which gives transparency on how each brand is performing independently across regions.

Stock and Expiry Visibility

Using the WhatsApp order module, Vikramaditya’s sales managers are getting visibility on how much stock of low-shelf life products is present in each outlet and how much is going to expire in advance. This helps them optimize inventory levels and reduce returns or damages.

Modern Trade Orders on GT App

When Wingreens had just started their Modern Trade operations, they had very few merchandisers who would manually take in stock reports and capture the Purchase Orders received at each outlet. To automate stock management as well as get an automated flow for the sales made, we custom-built a feature in the FieldAssist GT app itself where the merchandisers could now input the PO details so the information flowed seamlessly into total orders received. 

Integration with ERP and HRMS

As FieldAssist was used by Raw Pressary before it was acquired, they had integrated our solution with their ERP platform. Post the acquisition, Wingreens saw that the FieldAssist solution was much more powerful than the platform they were using, and decided to transition to FieldAssist too in May 2021. A critical task of integration with SAP began in September 2021 and was completed within 5 months.

The FieldAssist team took on another unique challenge of integrating Wingreens’ HRMS solution in May 2022 with the FA platform without using an API integration and completed the same within a month.

Level 2 tracking of Salespeople

As the number of on-ground sales personnel increased to 340 after the acquisitions, Vikramaditya’s regional leaders wanted more detailed monitoring of sales personnel. Typically, live tracking of on-field salespeople is given at Level 1 which is an SR level. However, for Wingreens, the FieldAssist team enabled live user tracking for Level 2 as well, which includes SOs and ASMs. This helps them increase mid-manager accountability and improve field performance.

When Numbers Do The Talking

Comparing a YoY growth over October 2021, Wingreen’s saw some pretty impressive numbers:

  • 160% increase in the total number of outlets
  • 105% increase in Unique Productive Calls per month
  • 170% increase in the Average Order Quantity 
  • 219% increase in Retailing time
  • 119% increase in Productive Calls 

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