Mr. Satyaranjan, Sales
Head trusted us to
aggressively expand his
business across the length
and breadth of the country.

Mr. satyaranjan, sales head trusted
us to aggressively expand his business
across the length and breadth of the country.

Natureland Organics dials up retail growth by 100% with on-the-go field intelligence.

Mr. satyaranjan, sales head trusted us to aggressively expand his business across the length and breadth of the country.

The Story Of Licious

Owned by Delightful Gourmet Pvt Ltd, Licious was founded by Abhay Hanjura and Vivek Gupta and officially launched in October 2015.

What is the Goal of Licious’s Director of Sales, Mr. Satyaranjan?

If it is not fresh, Licious won’t sell it. That’s the company mantra that Satyaranjan wants to propagate to every customer. His goal is to offer the freshest range of meat and meat products to his consumers straight from the source every single day.

What was Satyaranjan’s Wishlist?

Satyaranjan had seen how Licious had charted a fiery growth, clocking nearly 80% revenue growth within 4 years of D2C operations. He was keen to take that momentum even higher in the traditional retail market with a tech-powered sales ecosystem that paces up with the company’s ambitious plans and could help him to:

  • Expand from one city in South India to 10+ cities in India within months.
  • Review real-time field data to make on-the-go decisions.
  • Embrace a digital culture that offers transparency of data, measurability of performance, and is easy to use for the team members.

What hurdles did Satyaranjan face?

Licious started its operations under a D2C model. When the management decided to enter the Kirana retail route, they knew they had to answer certain questions like – where to start, how to expand, which products to sell, etc. Kirana Retail was a completely different distribution environment- something that they had no experience in.

What further amplified Satyaranjan’s challenges were the fact that he was defining the strategy to go offline in the middle of the covid crisis. His biggest concern then was to find a technology partner who was innovative, could offer creative solutions, and could ensure business continuity in such a tough market.

How did FieldAssist resolve Satyaranjan’s challenges?

  • The FieldAssist team was very excited with how committed the leadership team was in instilling a salesforce automation solution as a critical element towards their retail success.
    FieldAssist had full support from the Founders as well as the Sales Director, Mr. Satyaranjan to together embark on a journey of digital transformation.
  • After a comprehensive online training of all users, Licious deployed the FieldAssist SFA app in one state, to begin with. However, seeing how well they were able to get traction in the field, Satyaranjan expanded its implementation across 5 states.
  • During the coronavirus lockdown, Licious also adopted FieldAssist’s Contactless SFA where their field officers were able to punch retailer orders remotely, ensuring more than 90% market coverage as well as maintaining close relationships with all their retailers.
  • With the combined strengths of the field app as well as Contactless SFA, Satyaranjan was able to see a huge improvement in field performance as well as market reach.

What have Satyaranjan & FieldAssist achieved together for Licious?

1. Data-powered Reviews

Satyaranjan’s team drives data-based reviews 3 times a day using the FA Analytics app to make real-time interventions wherever needed.

2. Staggering increase in Outlets & Sales

  • 100% increase in the number of outlets as well as an on-field sales team in the last 6 months.

3. Sensational on-field performance

  • Over 200% increase in Total Calls and 140% improvement in Productive calls within 6 months.
  • 2x increase in Demand Capture.

4. Future Readiness

When Licious is ready to increase outlet penetration, FA Beat-o-meter will be key in helping Satyaranjan’s team devise SKU- wise, geography-wise, and even outlet-wise sales strategies to get the ball rolling.